LVD Advantages
 ·Unique and special coil ring     structure  ·Patented Venus lamp
 ·Protective cover in amalgam    tube  ·Patented Self-ballasted Saturn 2B lamp type with dimming capacity
 ·Special design for exhaust     tube  ·Biological lighting system and germicidal lighting
 ·Over-bridge structure  ·Firstly apply induction lamp in solar lighting system
 ·Special Electronic Ballast Dimming Technology Universal Ballast Digital lighting control system
Comparison with traditional lamps
 ·Compared with high frequency     induction lamp  ·Compared with HPS
 ·Compared with Fluorescent  ·Compared with LED
 ·Compared with other induction lamp  
  Unique And Special Coil Ring Structure

1, Radiation shield, more security.
2, Excellent appearance.
3, Advanced heat dispersion, long lifetime.
4, Wiring regularity, excellent wire protection.

Patent No. ZL2004200019854.6
Induction Lamp Magnetic Hoop Structure
Patent No. ZL200320122269.4
Lamp Electromagnetic Radiation Restraining Device

Other similar products do not have this design

1, Without magnetic hoop structure, cause EMI easily(electromagnetic interference).
2, Poor appearance.
3, Poor heat dispersion.
4, Wiring nude, poor wire protection.