Jan, 2009

Hongyuan won the title of "Shanghai famous trademark".

Jan, 01, 2009

Hongyuan Company and General Electric Company signed the cooperative agreement on the establishment of the relationship for "OEM"

Jan, 12, 2009

The 11th Session second meeting of the Shanghai Municipal People's Political Consultative Conference was held on January 12 to 16, 2009, the General Li participated the meeting and submitted the proposal entitled "the suggestion about the Standardization for the innovation achievement".

Jan, 16, 2009

Hongyuan company 2008 annual summary meeting -2009 mobilization meeting and New Year General Assembly was held in "Meilan Lake Resort". Chairman Li made the report of “hard work, promote new technologies of LVD and create 09 new achievements".

Jan, 23, 2009

LVD induction lamp passed the review of the China Compulsory products "CCC" certification, (Changing certificate was issued by the China Quality Certification Center, the first issued date: October 24, 2005)

Feb, 16, 2009

Sponsored by the Chongqing Municipal Government and undertook by Chongqing Municipal Administration Commission also with the company and Chongqing LVD induction lamp agent's strong assistance, the “Chongqing Energy Saving Lighting Forum in 2009” was held on February 16, 2009 in Chongqing Sovereign Hotel.

Mar, 2009

The company was named as the "Shanghai Civilization Unit in 2007 -2008 " by Shanghai Municipal People's Government.

Mar, 17, 2009

Mr.Li was selected as vice president for the fourth Council of Shanghai science and technology enterprises Federation, Certificate Number: (2009) No.008

Apr, 15, 2009

Hongyuan Company was elected as the "model enterprise of harmonious labor relations enterprises" and was awarded the "Pioneer Workers" medal by Jiading District Trade Union.

Apr, 15, 2009

Mr.Li won the glorious title of” outstanding entrepreneurs of Jiading District harmonious labor relations in 2008".

Apr, 21, 2009

Mr.Li won the special prize of the fourth invention entrepreneurship award and "contemporary inventors". Recognition meeting was held in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, the party and state leaders attended the meeting. Mr.Li made a report of “persist in scientific and technological innovation, create a New World for energy-efficient lighting” represents other 47 award-winning inventors in the meeting.

May, 2009

Hongyuan LVD solar induction lighting system," was recognized as the first prize for rationalization proposals of Shanghai Energy-saving and emission reduction.

May, 2009

Hongyuan LVD solar induction lamp" won the first prize of the technological innovation achievements of the twenty-second session of excellent invention selective trials.

May, 2009

Mr.Li won "the experts who was awarded the special allowance of the State Council in 2008”.

May, 2009

Hongyuan was awarded Shanghai Advanced Private Enterprise in 2007-2008.

Jun, 2009

Mr.Li was selected as “the leader of academic technology in Jiading district for the third session.”

Jun, 02, 2009

"LVD" brand was registered in Brazil

Jul, 27, 2009

July 27,2009 LVD induction lamp was awarded "A" project of Shanghai High-tech achievements transformation

Aug, 2009

Our chairman Li Weide was introduced in "New Perspective," which recorded the 60 years development achievements of Shanghai People's Political Consultative Conference and some outstanding deeds of CPPCC members.

Aug, 2009

Hongyuan “LVD Induction Lamp” was showed on CPPCC Shanghai Scientific and technological achievements exhibition as High-tech and energy-saving products.

Aug, 27, 2009

Hongyuan passed all assessment requirements and was issued “Measurement Qualified confirmation certificate"(certificate number: 114,188) by Technical supervision bureau.

Aug, 31, 2009

Zhejiang Province Ningbo TV visited our company for interview.