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Shanghai Hongyuan Lighting & Electric Equipment Company,Ltd.
Lighting and power

The number of the world's total power generation of 25% for lighting
The United States the total number of 35% of power generation for lighting
The number of China's total power generation by 14% - 15% for lighting
Shanghai the total number of 28% of electricity for lighting
Individual the number of total household electricity consumption 30% to 40% for lighting
The number of individual shopping malls of the total electricity consumption 60% to 70% for lighting

LVD electrodeless lamp energy-saving than traditional light sources for at least 50%,
and huge market potential immeasurable.

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Energy reduction at this stage is strongly advocated by governments in 2008, the state has promulgated the "Energy Conservation Law" clearly provides for greater energy-saving industries, and to give financial support.

Energy, has attracted attention. Energy consumption brings to mind the high cost of energy-saving, with the energy return on rising profits, resulting in the energy business opportunities, emerging markets such as energy reserves, energy investment, as well as "energy bank" and other financial products. Hongyuan Promise high returns input light by the community favor the community, especially to attract a variety of energy companies and the operation of the company, Hongyuan have energy-efficient and professional company, the energy investment to create a precedent.

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